Our Brand Ethics

Rebellious Clove is committed to creating a sustainable and ethical product line now and in the future as we grow. We will never claim to be perfect but we will promise to do our absolute best. 

On average our products are made up of at least 75% recycled or second hand materials. We use vintage notions found in thrift stores and all of our leather and knits are sourced second hand as garments or waste materials. This is why you often see extra seams and stitch lines on our products. They are telling story of the material's past life. 

Yes we use leather as a material. And we won't apologize for it. We are often using vintage leather that has already served a purpose but still has so much life left to live. But because the garment is out of fashion or maybe has a ripped seam and can't be worn anymore it has ended up in a thrift store or the trash. It takes 50 years for leather to break down in a landfill, so we prevent that leather from ending up there prematurely. Leather and suede are hard wearing materials that mean the products can be cherished for years to come. 

Where we do use new materials is for things like thread, metal findings for our jewelry, zippers and some beads. Sometimes we also need to buy strap webbing for our bags if there is not enough leather left to make handles. 

We like to get creative with our scraps. Often times in the course of production there are scraps that can't be used for our larger items like beanies, clutches, and tote bags. We hate when we waste all of those materials especially because we don't have a fabric recycling company available in our area. Keep an eye out for new items that are being added to our Zero Waste collection. Every product in there is made from the scraps and leftovers of production. 

 All of our products are made in Canada and we pledge that as we grow we will pay our sewers a fair wage. At the moment we are a one woman show. All of our products are designed, tested, cut, sewn, photographed, packaged, and shipped by our Founder Danielle. It is her hope that as we grow we can hire women in our community to sew products. Our pricing is reflective of wanting to offer good value for money, while also paying a fair wage to Danielle. As our business grows prices will likely go up to maintain the ability to pay fair wages to future sewers. 

If you ever have any questions about Rebellious Clove's ethics don't hesitate to send us a message through our contact page