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My Goals for 2016

Yeah I am a month late to post this.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ One thing to state right now, THESE ARE NOT RESOLUTIONS. So here it goes, drumroll please... 1. Fix my finances.  Like most people my age I have some debt and I haven't ever really paid attention to saving money or starting a retirement fund. I have student loans that I can't put off paying forever, credit cards that need to be paid off not maxed out and even my mom to payback because she paid for all my shit while I was barely working.  2. Travel more. Yeah I did just say I want to be better with money, all work and no play makes me feel like I am...

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Heeeeellllloooo Internet!

In November when I started my new job I decided to also start Rebellious Clove to keep my creative juices flowing. I wanted something that would allow me to make things, but not take up every last second of my spare time.   Since then I have kept busy learning so many awesome things at my job and been working on new Claire Closet projects. I feel like this space has been neglected. I had planned on writing a blog post here months ago.  But how do you write a blog about 3D printed jewelry? No offence to the nerds out there but 3D printing is pretty boring unless you are actually making stuff with it. So I decided to write...

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