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How I Am Preparing For A No Spend Month

Starting on February 1st I am attempting to have a "No Spend" month, but what does this mean for me?  Well it means no unnecessary spending. So my regular Amazon, Torrid and Asos orders will have to stop for the month. On top of that I will be limiting how much I eat out and saving as much money as possible. I will still pay all my bills (obviously) but I will not be spending unless I have to. Here are the rules I have set for myself:  1. No clothing, makeup or any other shopping.  2. I am allotted $30/week for eating out and $25/week for Starbucks.  3. Record everything I do buy.  4. Pack a lunch for work...

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DIY Eye Mask + Template

It's that time of year where everyone gets all lovey dovey or sad and mopey. That's right Valentines Day! I have decided to make a few DIYs that are just for YOU and you won't need a partner to share them with. 

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