Let's Talk About Blue Eye Shadow

Let's Talk About Blue Eye Shadow

So blue eye shadow has always been a favourite of mine, when I was in 7th or 8th grade I tried it out for the first time. Of course kids that age are cruel beasts and made fun of me for it and of course calling me fat and Mimi (you know the plus size woman on The Drew Carey Show?), yeah it was pretty bad.

At the time I did not have the thick skin I do today, and really it was surviving eighth grade that showed me how to let comments roll off my back. Even though I eventually learned not to let them get to me I still stopped wearing my favourite eye shadow and eventually makeup all together.

Over the last few years I have been kicking all the toxic people out of my life but it has come time to shove toxic thoughts out too. So today I am taking a stand. I am deciding to wear whatever makeup, clothes and hairstyle I want. I am not letting the whispers of mean children dictate how I feel. 

I am sure that I will still hear the possibility of judgement in the back of my mind but I will not be letting it take root. I will wear peacock frickin' blue eyeshadow if I please. Well in this case it was coconut from Color Pop, but same difference. 

Danielle McAllister | Plus Size Woman

Join me on my movement to #berebellious How are you going to shove the toxic influence of others out of your mind? What you take back from the bullies and children who were never taught to be any better? 

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