Lets Catch Up

Lets Catch Up

WOW it has been a long time since I have actually sat down and chatted with you guys (don't worry I know no one reads this). 


I want to talk about my goals that I set up earlier this year. 

Read 100 books has been blasted out of the water. At current count I have read over 220 books this year. So I am rocking and rolling there. I have read some wicked awesome books and would love to hear your recommendations of naughty novels in the comments. 

5 Star rating for accomplishing one goal

Travelling more is probably at a 3 out of 10 in terms of goal completion. I did go to Montreal in march then spent 8 days in Ottawa for a work trip and I have been to toronto a couple times. Other than that there have been no fun adventures. That is really OK though because I did some other cool things that made up for it. 

Paying off my credit card debt is the goal that is sucking the hardest balls at the moment. I basically gave up on this one, and it is giving me some anxiety over my credit and other boring stuff. I recently (about a month ago) got let go from my really awesome job and now my financial outlook is even worse off than before. 

I am currently looking for a new job that I can really grow with the company and learn something new so cross your fingers for me. 

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