How's #nospenfeb Going Danielle?

How's #nospenfeb Going Danielle?

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Thank you for asking, I would say my no spend month had gone OK so far. There are eight days left in February and I have about $70 on my bank account. Yeah I should in theory have a lot more but let me explain. 

First I will say I have bought no clothes or makeup this month. This is where my weaknesses really are. I could drop a whole pay cheque at Sephora and only cringe a little bit. As for why I still have no savings...well I decided that I would finally do some things for my business that I have been putting off for months, even years. In the past I would give the excuse that I couldn't afford it and in reality I could if I just hadn't bought something else. I feel great that I have finally invested in my business in a real way. 

You probably want to know what I spent all my money on then, right? I like lists so here is a list of "business" things I did this month. 

1. Went to a Female Entrepreneur networking dinner. I have actually been attending this particular event for a few months now and I feel like it has broadened my bubble of kick ass biz ladies so much. 

2. I made a pretty big VistaPrint order. This included new business cards with my email and phone number on it (my current ones are just meant to be tags on products), return address labels, packaging seals, and post cards to slip into orders. I also managed to save 40% because I ordered on the last day of a big sale. I will always save where I can. I did also use Ebates so I earned some cash back as well. 

3. Registered my business!!!! This was kind of a pain because I don't have a credit card (just a visa debit) and the government won't let you pay with anything other than a credit card. 

4. Signed up for Skill Share. I have already learned SO MUCH. And I got a killer promo so it was super cheap. 

5. Bought a new "Video" tripod. this one is super tall and will help me film over my shoulder for sewing tutorials. It also has a smoother movement for panning shots. 

6. Hunted down some great thrifted materials. Because everything I make uses second hand clothing and materials I have to constantly be on the hunt for new materials and keep a stockpile. So when Value Village was having a 50% sale I took full advantage. And a week later when they were having a 30% off sale went back. I also went to Talize (another big thrift store) and while I didn't buy a lot, I found some treasures for materials. 

I did have some challenges this month so it has not been all rainbows and unicorns. I bought a couple candles from Bath and Body works, and while they smell great, it is kind of like lighting money on fire. I also bought a chair for my filming corner that I have been eyeing up for months and wanting for even longer. I know it could have waited but it was just too perfect. In the same day I bought my chair, my bed frame broke in a way that cannot be repaired. It was Ikea so the fact that it lasted 3 years with a person my size using it daily is a miracle but now I have to buy a bed frame and I just don't want to. 

Did you do #nospendfeb with me? How have you done so far? 


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