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Book Boyfriend Of The Week

Yeah you read that right. 


This week's Book is Hard Compromise by Samanthe Beck. The book is #2 in the series, I have also read book #1 but they are mostly Standalone novels. 

Hard Compromise: Book Boyfriend of The Week

Our Book Boyfriend of the week goes by the name Ethan Booker. He is a super sexy Sheriff who comes from a rich, affluent family. He has been biding his time for 10 long years to finally get to be with Lauralie, the main female character. 

I love that we get a bit of their background story but that is not what we focus on. Our focus is on Ethan trying to get past Laurie's pride and be able to help her when she is down, but also convince her that she is truly loved by him. 

Because Laurie is from a poor background and has a pretty shitty mother her feelings of inadequacy run to the bone. In past encounters with men she has been in charge but Ethan knows that is not really what she needs especially if he wants his feelings to be known. 

The sex scenes are fast paced, a bit dominant and full of dirty talk. But I do enjoy that the author has not just filled the book with sex for sex sake and even skips over some details just to not make it too redundant. There are really only so many ways to describe things. 

Of course we do have a happy ending but you really want that for Ethan and Laurie, by the end they earned it with all the shit they went through. 

Have you read Hard Compromise Yet? What did you think? 

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