Apple Watch Bands For Plus Sizes That You Will Want ASAP!

Apple Watch Bands For Plus Sizes That You Will Want ASAP!

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As a treat to myself this past Christmas I picked up a fancy schmancy 42 mm Apple Watch Series 3, and the first thing I noticed was the included band is almost too small for my chunky wrists. So I bought a sport style band from Apple and it cost me $90!!! That is just ridiculous. To me a watch band is the equivalent of a phone case, interchangeable depending on style, or activity, and I was not ok with spending so much on it. 

So I hopped on Amazon via Ebates (cuz I LOVE getting my cash back) and went on the hunt for some Apple watch accessories that would fit large wrists. One thing to note, I stuck with "loop" style watch bands because I know they fit and are easy to put on one handed. Here are the ones I bought or put on my wishlist. 

1. This is the watch band I actually bought and it is a rainbow oil slick looking beauty. The magnet closure is strong, doesn't slip and it has not turned my wrist green so I am in LOVE. If you love it too you can buy it here.

Plus Size 42mm Apple Watch band 


2. I also found a sport band at a MUCH better price point of about $20 which makes me super happy. I would get this one if I worked out more or planned to wear my watch in the pool as mine is water resistant up to 50m. If this watch band is the one of your dreams you can buy it here.


3. And for those of us who just want a little camo in their life... Buy it here. You know you want it, because I definitely do.  


BONUS: A super helpful accessory for charging your watch is a stand that the watch can sit on. I don't think I could live with out this and actually manage to charge my watch. It too can be yours. Click here.



I know I can't be alone in feeling like not everything is built to fit plus sized bodies and their quirks. What is something else you have to search high and low for so it fits your larger body? Maybe I can make this a series and help people at the same time!  

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