Montreal or Bust

Montreal or Bust

Recently I have had the itch to travel. I know what you are thinking, travel shouldn't make me itchy. Well it is more like just a feeling that I need to get out of my city and explore. Heres the thing though, I am not a backpacking, roughing it kind of traveller. I love big cities, museums, new transit systems to get lost on, and interesting architecture to take in. 

And while I LOVE camping, camping doesn't love me. I get along better with a hotel and being able to shower when I want and having access to wifi. So I am planning a short "weekend" trip to Montreal in a few weeks. I want to stay in Old Montreal and maybe it will feel like I actually left the country. 

Montreal at night

Here is what goes into my planning process:

  1. Where do I want to go?- This is pretty much the most important question on the list. I chose Montreal because it is close enough to my city that I don't NEED to get on a plane and I could drive if I wanted to. I also have never really spent anytime in Montreal. 
  2. Hotel- If I can't find an affordable hotel in the area I want to stay I will either change dates or just not go. I want to stay in a nice place for a reasonable budget of about $150/night. I am too old and enjoy my privacy too much to stay in a hostel, besides it has been a long time since I went anywhere and I am going to treat myself. 
  3. Plane, Train, or Automobile?- How am I getting there? Do I want to drive (not likely seeing as Montrealers are famous for their aggressive driving), pay the mega bucks for a flight from Kingston to Montreal or get on the train and not have to worry about anything. Hmmm well I am thinking the train will be best. 
  4. Transit- At this point I will probably make a google map of all the Metro stops and where my hotel is located in relation to possible activities. Yeah I am an over planning nerd. Get used to it. 
  5. Activities- Like I said before I am more into buildings and museums than anything else so that is probably what I will try to do. More or less I will have a loose plan of what I want to do and see but otherwise I will wing it. 

Keep your eyes peeled for a follow up to this post on my budget, what it was like travelling alone as a plus size person and some other fun stuff. 

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Hi there I just discovered you by youtube videos. You are such an inspirational person (sorry if my English is bad)
I don’t know If you made already the little weekend vacation but if not it would be nice to meet you. I live in montreal.

Thanks to you I will start to sew my clothes hoping they gonna be amazing master Picasa yours!

Sending love

Karina zapata

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