Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes

People say I am a pessimist, well actually only my family say that, but I don't really agree. I try my best to be realistic about life and what people are capable of. 

Sometimes however I get in a rut where I am all; whoa is me, my life sucks, nothing is going right, nobody likes me etc. I am sure everyone has been there at least once in their life.

When these times roll around I need a reminder to take a deep breath, let negativity roll off my back and move on. Most of the time it is my mom telling me to snap out of it, but not everyone has that kind of family around. Sometimes being told to snap out of it doesn't work for everyone and we need a physical token to feel calm, and stay positive. 

For that reason I am launching the Positive Vibes collection. We have already posted some sweet jewelry that has positive words to help you achieve your inner peace.

Next up we will be adding Tees, Sweatshirts and Throw Pillows. So you can have a variety of Positive Vibes all over your life.

The jewelry is all plated with precious metals of silver, gold and rose gold. The tees are pre-shrunk to maintain size and shape, same for the Sweatshirts. Oh and they are available up to a size 5x for my fellow plus size ladies. Last but not least the pillows are soft and sewn and printed in the USA.  

What words do you use to bring you out of a funk? Share them and you might find them on one of our products.  

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