Fat Chicks Deserve Love!

Fat Chicks Deserve Love!

(In Movies)

Tonight I went to see How To Be Single, and while I enjoyed it, I am disappointed in the writers and who ever green lit this movie. 

I went because Rebel Wilson is in the film and I try to support fellow plus size women whenever I can. This will show the world that fat people are well received in the the media. 

However, tonight I almost wish I didn't go. 

In the film, Rebel Wilson's character is sort of the guide to Alice on "how to be single". SPOILER ALERT! Three of the four single women the movie centres around end up finding that thing they were missing or looking for in their life. 

Except not the fat chick! No, she is still single, doesn't fall in love even once during the film and only ever has one night stands. This all well and good; but when will there be a movie where the fat chick gets the guy she wants, and is not the crazy, funny, loud sidekick? 

How this movie should have gone is: Alice finds herself and learns to be alone (Maybe her and Tom actually start dating), Robin (Rebel Wilson) at least has some romantic involvement, Lucy finally gets married like she has been planning her whole life, and Meg gets to have a life that doesn't revolve around work. 

Ok so maybe my vision is a bit too optimistic, but I just think that for once the fat character should be the one with the happily ever after. 

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