My Goals for 2016

My Goals for 2016

smart goals

Yeah I am a month late to post this. 


One thing to state right now, THESE ARE NOT RESOLUTIONS.

So here it goes, drumroll please...

1. Fix my finances. 

Like most people my age I have some debt and I haven't ever really paid attention to saving money or starting a retirement fund. I have student loans that I can't put off paying forever, credit cards that need to be paid off not maxed out and even my mom to payback because she paid for all my shit while I was barely working. 

2. Travel more.

Yeah I did just say I want to be better with money, all work and no play makes me feel like I am drowning. So I want to travel this year, as much as I can. I am a terrific budget traveller, I know it can be done and still keep on track to reach goal #1.

3. Move out.

Yes I am almost 30 (cringe) and I still live with my mom. Don't get me wrong I could not be more appreciative of her letting me live there for the last five years but now that I have a stable career it is time for me to move out on my own again. I am looking forward to privacy, not sharing a bathroom with my brother and not having to share my bag of chips with my mom because she pouted. This will probably be my hardest goal to achieve and it won't happen over night either. 

More to come in the next few weeks about my game plan on how to make my goals my bitch. 

Do you set goals? How do you measure and keep track of them?

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