Heeeeellllloooo Internet!

Heeeeellllloooo Internet!

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In November when I started my new job I decided to also start Rebellious Clove to keep my creative juices flowing. I wanted something that would allow me to make things, but not take up every last second of my spare time. 

 Since then I have kept busy learning so many awesome things at my job and been working on new Claire Closet projects. I feel like this space has been neglected. I had planned on writing a blog post here months ago. 

But how do you write a blog about 3D printed jewelry? No offence to the nerds out there but 3D printing is pretty boring unless you are actually making stuff with it. So I decided to write about what ever I want on here and let you guys get to know me.

Writing about my life and my interests will certainly give you an insight into why I made a bracelet that says Eat Sh*t, thats for sure. 

So welcome to the Rebellious Clove blog. Where we can all be openly sassy but not rude. 

If you could have one word wear that expresses your personality what would it be?  

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